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Entrepreneurship Studio



The Entrepreneurship Studio (eStudio) program has been developed to aid professionals without management degrees, UG students interested in entrepreneurship or preparing for MBA, and students currently pursuing MBA, to sharpen their skill sets by bringing about a paradigm shift in the way they think about entrepreneurship. This course emphasises the importance of management education via courses that are a part of MBA curriculum. The modules are designed to be interactive, break cognitive and emotional biases that inhibit learning, and imbibe an approach and attitude that defines a modern day dynamic manager. 

This course is customised, fast paced and covers multiple domains of business to better equip a budding entrepreneur to handle changes and innovate. BBA/MBA students and non business UG students in entrepreneurship cells can gain enormously from the insights and world class pedagogy at eStudio. Charm the interview panel or a venture capitalist with the power of your indepth knowledge that you gain here. 

The modules will cover:


Corporate Governance



IT Strategy



Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business Transformation


1. Micro and Macro Economics

2. Economy: Fiscal and Monetary Policies

3. Banking and Global finance (US, China and Indian context)

4. Markets (Primary and Secondary)

5. Ethics and corporate governance: Greatest financial frauds

6. Fundamentals of Marketing: Understanding the Customer

7. Branding and Advertising: Insights into the consumer's mind

8. Case Analysis : Billion dollar plans gone awry

9. Digital Marketing

10. Supply Chain Management and e-commerce- Past, present and the future

11. Quality Control

12. Innovation – Telecom

13. IoT, IIoT, AIoT and much more

14. Digital Transformation of Business – The way ahead

15. Entrepreneurship – Blue Ocean vs Red Ocean strategy

16. Raising Capital for venture

(Tentative Course plan. May be modified further)

Course Fee: Rs 12,000                 (With Project: Rs 16,000)

(Rs 2000 waiver for group of 3; Additional Rs 2000 waiver for volunteers)

Your may send us your details for registration here: Contact us