Awaken to a new Universe of learning...let's sail.

For long, we have been saying, if not complaining, that the problem with education in India is that it is not learning based. That may be correct  to a large extent as teaching has turned from a profession to a business. Everyone understands that quality comes for a price, but given the high costs of education these days, I am not so sure if the students get the right value for their buck. JAG is an attempt to bring to the students a way of learning they have never experienced before. We start from understanding how our mind works and then go onto the course curriculum. Once a student understands the fundamental aspects of learning and how our minds work, we train together and embark on an insightful and exhilarating journey for knowledge.

At our core


The story of JAG

The story of JAG

The story of JAG

​​'JAG' in Sanskrit/Hindi has two meanings, one is 'Arise' and the other 'Universe'. We believe that if we can appreciate the essence of this mystical heteronym, we can make the world a different place. Our objective is to train people in different fields using deep learning and metacognition stimulus so that they become more learned and complete persons who will shape the future of this world more responsibly.


Our Philosophy

The story of JAG

The story of JAG

To bridge the gap between subconscious knowledge and conscious learning through our ingenious deep learning training methodologies aided by technology. We aim to change the mind from a feel good approach to a  think right approach when it comes to decision making.


Our Method

The story of JAG

Our Method

JAG promotes an environment of seeking solutions over finding answers. A point, a question, an option or a solution is looked at from multiple angles and discussed, and that develops a sense of curiosity which ultimately shapes the approach and attitude of our students in everyday life and career.

The Team


Gaurav Pattnaik

NIT Rourkela and XIMB alumnus with experience in academics, manufacturing, quality and consulting. He has worked with Start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. He has trained students for MBA/MS and taught Marketing and Operations in B-School as well. He designs our courses to make learning fun and our sessions are truly insightful.  This diversified experience  makes him a specialist mentor. You must attend one of his sessions to know what you are missing. His mastery over multiple domains enables him to explain any complex topic with simple examples from the background a student is. That enables true deep learning.


Abhisek Agrawalla


Abhisek is a young and dynamic mentor who is nothing short of a maths prodigy. His mastery over numbers enables him to explain even the most complex of problems with ease to beginners and experts alike. A modest and humble guy that he is, Abhishek jokes that he became a master of numbers at the age of 5 when the ophthalmologist told him that he got the highest numbers the clinic had ever seen. Learning maths becomes fun when you have a trainer with a sense of humour. 

​(Abhishek is an IE Spain and NIT Rourkela alumnus. He works with Uber (Amsterdam) and played a big role in developing and testing cutting-edge learning content with a focus on deep learning in quantitative aptitude. His philosophy is that if technology can do so much with a mastery over just 0 and 1, imagine what we could do with the power of infinity.)


Simran Rath

Simran (XIMB) is the glue that binds the team together and makes sure everything is done as planned. And yes, she makes the plans. She is an English Literature  graduate and is responsible for the insights we look for from multiple entrance tests.


Namoona Nayak

Namoona (IIM Bangalore) is an all-rounder and excels in what she does. She is a trained dancer, footballer, social worker and an IIM-Indore admit. She won the first 'Future is Here' B-Plan competition and will be leading the internationalisation of the same event in 2018. She oversees JAG's IT program development with its Tech partners.