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 As things appear to get gloomy on the global financial system, we know there will be troubled times but, like always, we it too shall pass. One of the greatest strenghts of humankind is its resilience as a species. We might be weak as individuals, but we have become the dominant species on the planet and are exploring the space. We have ensured that the next generation is ready to take the baton and keep moving forward when we cannot anymore. Taking this spirit ahead, TFiH Chapter-3 is looking to explore the possibilities and create a world of FAACTS (Freely Available Alternative Content for Teachers and Students). Your contribution could make it to helping teachers and students with lesser means but high motivation build a better life for themselves. 


TFiH Chapter-3

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1. TFiH aims to collaborate with students worldwide and come up with solutions to make learning easier for everyone.

2. This will be an experiment of sorts and we look for workable ideas from everyone to execute this plan.

3. Keeping it low cost so that the same can be delivered to children and adults from any financial strata.


1. Choose any topic from basic maths and/or English. Make a list of 10-20 questions with their detailed solution in a word file. The questions should start from a basic minimum level of difficulty and reach moderate to high level of difficulty for the last question. The content should flow in a way so that a child who doesn’t understand English well can also read, understand and try to answer the question. In case the child is not able to solve it, then he or she should be able to look at your detailed solution to understand the way to solve that particular question. Clarity and communication is the key. 

Suggested topics, but not limited to:

a. Numbers, Algebra, Highest Common Factor (HCF) and Lowest Common Multiple (LCM), Calendar, Basic Statistics – Average, Ratio and proportion, Profit and Loss, Percentages, Simple and Compound Interest, Work and time, Discount, Age sums, Linear equations, Elementary trigonometry, etc.

b. Syllogism, Logical Analogies -2, Arrangement, Odd one out, Necessary Condition, Clocks and Calendars, Blood Relations, Ordering and Ranking, Series, Directions, etc.

c. Learning the English Alphabet, words, sentences, grammar, etc.

2. Please make sure that you do not copy the questions from any other source. 

3. You could choose more than 1 topic and submit multiple submissions, as long as they are not from the same topic.

4. Use your imagination and creativity to come up with whiteboard animation, videos or anything you prefer to supplement your content. There is no restriction or limitation on exploring your ideas. The focus should be on ease of learning.

5. Participants will have to ensure that they are not submitting any Copyrighted content as anything and everything you submit may be used to develop free learning content for anyone who wants to use it.


1. Simplicity is the key.

2. Creative story telling is more important than questions without context.

3. The content will be tested for feedback by school children, not rocket scientists.


Participants need to submit their idea in a 1-page format. Their Questions and detailed Solutions can take any number of pages.

Please note:

1. Font size: Min 10

2. Font type: Preferably Times New Roman or Arial

3. Submission may include texts, pictures, flowcharts, videos, etc. Anything to make the concept more easily comprehensible.


1. Students need to form teams of 4-6. 

2. Teams with more diversity will get bonus points on a scale of 20. The diversity parameters will include:

a. Gender diversity

b. Year/Batch diversity (Mix of 3 batches is optimal for graduation students)

c. Course diversity (Graduation students, Masters students and High school students can form teams together)

d. College diversity (Teams with members from 2 or more colleges get additional points)

e. Team members can be from any background as long as they are currently students or graduated in 2019

A team can still participate without following any of the above parameters.


1. Every team who goes on to the Round 2 will receive exciting merchandise from and JAG Educate.

2. Winners of Stage-2 will get Rs 10,000/- in cash prize 

3. Winner and runner-up will get gift vouchers worth Rs 1,00,000/-

4. Internship opportunity on Social Impact work with

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Deadline for Round-1 submission: 1st of November 2019

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