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About GMAT

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer adaptive test (CAT) intended to assess certain analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in written English for use in admission to a graduate management program, such as an MBA. The GMAT exam is administered in standardized test centres in 112 countries around the world GMAT course modules are more than just test preparation courses. We appreciate what is good and believe that the course content of GMAT goes a long way in developing the approach and attitude of a professional manager even in a young undergraduate student. Our modules have exposure of our MWM programs which make the student ready for more than the test prep part of GMAT. 

GMAT is accepted by over 132 B-schools in India and by over 2100 Universities globally.

The score stays valid for 5 years.

GMAT for Freshers:

Ø Give your career a boost in this recessionary phase with an MBA.
Ø If you are a serious CAT, XAT, GATE taker or serious IIM aspirant, you need to explore the numerous options GMAT provides you.
Ø Indian School of Business (ISB) selects prefinal and final year students through its YLP process every year considering GMAT and GRE scores.
Ø Many top International B Schools including Harvard Business School select students who are in their pre final and final year of graduation.
Ø GMAT also gives you an advantage while preparing for NMAT, IIFT, MICAT and similar tests.

(XIMB, XUB, SP Jain, IMI, MISB Bocconi, Great Lakes and many other B-Schools accept GMAT scores for freshers as well)
#Work experience is not mandatory for admissions into top institutes for many Masters Programs.
## Freshers include current students pursuing graduation as well as graduates without work experience.

GMAT for Students with 0-2 years work Ex:

The Master in Management (MiM) refers to a special type of postgraduate program that provides general management knowledge for graduates or recent graduates with only little work experience. The focus is more theoretical aiming to build a foundation for aspiring manager with little work experience.  Masters in Management usually grant a Master of Science or a Master of Arts. Ranking bodies such as the Financial Times use the term "Master in Management", for instance, to rank such programs, even though the programs themselves are named differently. Though it has been around for over two decades (quite popular in Europe for a long time), only now is being recognized by countries all over the world, with more and more universities offering the degree. Needless to say with colleges such as Duke, Esade, HEC, LBS, LSE & Bocconi offering the MiM as flagship courses. 

They are comparable to the 2 year MBA programs in India and jobs on offer are usually that for analysts. The courses from good institutes have international recognition and usually take less than half the time and costs of a regular MBA at the same institute. 

One could look to try ISB Hyderabad's EEO (Early Entry Option) as well.

Some work experience maybe appreciated (not mandatory) and up to 6 months may also encouraged by several schools. But if one accumulates too much work experience then they may be urged to apply for the MBA to benefit more. Most US MiM schools have a cutoff at 1 year of work experience, after which they are disqualified from applying.

(XIMB, XUB, SP Jain, IMI, Great Lakes and many other B-Schools accept GMAT scores for less than 2 year work ex)

GMAT for Students with 2+ years of Work Ex:

GMAT is the global standard testing exam for all of the top 100 B-Schools and most of the AMBA accredited B-Schools. The score stays valid for 5 years.
Ø Do you know that Indian School of Business takes over 900 students every year through GMAT or GRE scores alone.
Ø Top IIMs like IIMA accept GMAT scores only (and not CAT scores) for their full time executive programs which are recognized globally as MBA programs.
Ø Professionals with over 4 years of work experience should ideally pursue admissions into premier B-Schools with GMAT scores.
(IIMs, XIMB, XUB, SP Jain, IMI, Great Lakes and many other B-Schools accept GMAT scores)

GMAC ( Council that conducts GMAT) offers more information and free tests on its website. Please visit for more information.